7 things you should never put in the washing machine


1- Taking Care of the Washing Machine

Operating a washing machine might seem like a straightforward task—toss in your soiled clothes, add detergent, and hit the start button. It’s a convenient routine, but the cost of washing machines and our cherished garments demands a bit more consideration. To safeguard both your appliance and your wardrobe, it’s crucial to recognize the items that should never find their way into the washing machine. Have you, perhaps, inadvertently subjected any of these belongings to the merciless spin cycle?


Embellished garments possess an intrinsic fragility, requiring extra TLC to maintain their allure. Delicately stitched adornments can easily succumb to the agitation of the washing machine or become ensnared in other clothing items. Moreover, the hot water typically used in washing machines may weaken the adhesive bonding these decorative elements. To safeguard your embellished attire, opt for gentler cleaning methods.

3-Fluffy Throw Blankets

The cozy allure of fluffy throw blankets can quickly diminish if they’re carelessly subjected to the washing machine. Shrinking and a loss of softness are common outcomes of machine-washing these blankets. For these cherished comforters, it’s wise to choose the gentler route of dry cleaning to ensure they maintain their plush appeal.

4-Items Covered in Pet Hair

Sharing your life with furry companions can result in clothing covered in loose pet hair. Throwing such items directly into the washing machine can spell trouble. Pet hair tends to clump together and can clog drain pipes, potentially causing plumbing issues. Prior to washing, use a lint roller to eliminate as much pet hair as possible.

5-Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows, with their open-cell structure, are moisture-absorbent like sponges. When subjected to the spin cycle, moisture-laden memory foam pillows are prone to disintegration. To extend the life of these pillows, it’s advisable to periodically clean them using alternative methods.

6-Extra Large Items

Proper circulation is key for effective washing. When oversized items are crammed into the machine, soap and water may not evenly reach the entire garment, leading to inadequate cleaning. Moreover, overloading the machine with hefty items can result in entanglement, potentially damaging the agitator or misaligning the rotating drum. Play it safe by washing large items separately or using a commercial-size machine.

7- All-Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics like wool, cashmere, velvet, silk, leather, and suede demand gentle handling. These materials are prone to adverse effects in the washing machine, including shrinkage and loss of integrity. To prevent warping and maintain the quality of your natural fabric items, opt for specialized cleaning methods, such as hand washing or professional dry cleaning.

In the world of laundry, awareness of what not to wash in your machine is just as important as knowing what to toss in. By heeding these guidelines and preserving the integrity of your clothing and washing machine, you can ensure that both your garments and your appliance stand the test of time.

source of pictures: istockphoto