7 Things You’re Cleaning Too Often.

Woman Cleaning Mirror ca. 1999

Yes, there is such a thing as cleaning too often.

You often get warned about not cleaning things enough in your home, but today, we’re going to talk about the things you’re cleaning more than you should. yes, there are many things you shouldn’t clean too often, even if you like the feeling of cleaning everything each day. It’s important to follow these tips, or you’re going to damage your things. So, instead of cleaning these things, focus on the things you should clean every day.

You heard us well, there is such a thing as too much cleaning.

7. Car

Most people hate washing their cars, it’s a tiring chore and it can be expensive if you don’t have the time and the energy to do it yourself. But pay attention to how often you need to do this. Washing your car also means washing the layer of wax that protects its coating. So as a result, you get a dull and easily-scratched car coating. If you want to know how often you need to wash your car, one month is really enough. If you accidentally stain your car or if it gets too dirty before the month ends, maybe wash it twice, but more than that can be damaging. Also, if you want to maintain the shiny looking car, wax it once a year.

6. Your hair

From a young age, our parents teach us to wash up every day, and most of us wash our hair too often. Washing your hair should be done every other day, and even less than that if you have curly or thick hair. This goes for blondes also, blonde hair is usually drier than dark hair so minimize your hair washdays to maintain the length and health of your hair. Did you know that your scalp produces oils to keep your hair healthy? And by cleaning your hair too often you’re stripping it from these natural oils!

5. Bras

If you’re one of the women who wash their bras after every use, you should reconsider it. Bras should be washed only once after three or four uses. And don’t wash them randomly, throw them in a mesh laundry bag and run your washing machine at a low temperature and a gentle cycle. Make sure to air dry your bras, place them horizontally on a drying rack to prevent them from stretching or losing their shape.


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