8 Easy Kitchen Hacks for Busy Moms


Have you ever been to the kitchen? If so, please accept my condolences. It is an arduous ordeal, and a necessary one to boot, making it even more dreadful. Honestly, if it weren’t for food, I don’t think I would ever walk into a kitchen. Hate them!

Luckily, granny dearest, answering to my plight, gave me a few tips that made it all much more bearable. Still hate that wretched place, though!

   1. Basted eggs

You can make basted eggs, but you can never make grandma-tier basted eggs with liquid yolk and just about the perfect balance between sinful and heavenly. That would be the water speaking. Add the eggs to the pan as if to fry them, then pour some water on them before placing the pan on the stove. Gawk at the result, then eat it.

   2. Brown sugar

The way to keep brown sugar soft is to add an orange peel to the container. This will prevent it from hardening.

   3. Seed removal

An ice cream scooper removes seeds from vegetable far easier than the best knife!

   4. Iron pan rusting

Swap the dish soap with salt while washing your pan and scrub away to keep it in top shape.

   5. Pit cherries

You can remove a cherry’s pit by putting atop an open bottle and squeezing it out with a chopstick. Of course, an empty bottle would save you the loss of a beverage or importan product.

   6. Plastic wrap

To prevent your plastic wrap from ripping and stretching unevenly, keep it in the refrigerator.

   7. Cupcakes

Parchment paper is a perfect substitute for muffin tins or cupcake molds.

   8. Fruit

Microwave a fruit for 20 seconds to make peeling it easier.