8 effective ways to deal with migraine headaches

Migraines are a headache type that causes normal to severe pain that can’t be stood. Migraines are usually accompanied by weakness, nausea, and light and sound sensitivity. Furthermore, the pain generated from migraines often occurs on a single side of the head.
Migraines are such a mistery because until this very day there is no clear reason for their occurrence, but there are some triggers related to migraines, triggers like stress, sun glare, and hormonal changes. If you suffer from migraine here are 8 effective ways to deal with migraine headaches.

1. Vicks VapoRub.

Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of neurology found that applying a menthol gel similar to Vicks VapoRub can actually reduce severe migraines pain. Simply apply Vicks VapoRub to your forehead and temples and you will feel pressure and pain-free in a matter of moments. If you don’t have Vicks VapoRub available in your area, you can make your own by mixing coconut oil with peppermint essential oil and apply it to your foreheads and temples, then relief shall be brought uppon you in no more than an hour.

2. Ice and banana peel compress. 

This may sound stupid, but trust me it is effective. Simply wrap ice with a banana peel and place the wrap on your forehead to make your skin absorb directly as much potassium as it can.

3. Olive oil.

Olive oil is a unique compound that can reduce the severity, frequency, and duration of recurrent migraines. This magical liquid can work this magic because it contains long omega-3 chains polyunsaturated fatty acids and building blocks for the hormones that can regulate blood clotting, relaxation, contraction, and inflammation of artery walls. If you are not convinced, well a study conducted by the Divisions of Adolescent Medicine in Providence, RI proved that olive oil can in fact do all of the previously mentioned wonders (The study found that fish oil is as effective as olive oil).

4. Lavender oil. 

Dilute two drops of lavender oil in a pot of boiling water, then inhale the produced vapor and you will start feeling better immediately. In fact, inhaling lavender oil for 15 minutes straight is more than enough to treat migraines because lavender has many properties that make it able to stabilize mood, reduce hypertension, reduce anxiety, and soothe muscle spasms. Of course, these are not just words on a screen because this is backed up by a scientific study published in EUROPEAN NEUROLOGY.

5. Eat more flaxseed. 

Flaxseed is an OG when it comes to healthy uses because it was used in ancient civilizations for multiple reasons, for example, it was used to treat breast pain, constipation, high cholesterol levels, hot flashes, and of course, migraines in ancient Egypt. Mix flaxseed with water, a smoothie, or oatmeal if you want to enjoy the full flaxseed experience. You are going to be surprised at how effective flaxseed is against migraines.

6. Honey. 

You can prevent migraine attacks by simply eating 2 teaspoons of raw honey while eating your meals. One of the symptoms that accompany migraines is nausea and honey is a great stomach soother because it does not require digestion and it gets absorbed directly in the bloodstream. If you start feeling like you have migraines, simply eat a tablespoon of honey.

7. Peanut Butter and ginger. 

Make a paste by mixing grated ginger with peanut butter, then apply it directly to your temples so that your body absorbs arginine and magnesium to compensate the lost magnesium quantities during the migraine attack. Arginine, on the other hand, participates in the chemical reaction that produces nitric oxide that widens blood vessels and combining ginger with peanut butter, for me, is the best home remedy to use against migraines.

8. Stretch your neck.

Migraines can be triggered by muscle tension, that is why you have to stretch twice a day for 20 minutes to relieve muscle pain and to prevent migraine occurrence. Simply move your chin forward and hold that position for 5 seconds and relax for 5 seconds. Now move your chine upwards towards a shoulder and hold that position for 5 seconds and rest for another five seconds. Finally, move your chine upwards towards your other shoulder and hold that position for 5 seconds and release once and for all.