8 onion uses I bet you didn’t know before


An onion can offer much more help to you than you think. See, onions are not made for cooking only, but they can be used to treat some health problems like weak immunity and vomiting. In fact, onions are full of sulfur that makes them act like an antibiotic, not to mention that they have an antioxidant feature known as Quercetin that helps the body to fight against harmful free radicals. So, without further ado, here are 8 8 onion uses I bet you didn’t know before.

1- Reduces chest congestion

Make a paste by mixing crushed onions with coconut oil, then use the obtained paste to make a layer on your chest then grab a clean towel and cover it. Once done, put on a shirt.

2- Treat colic

Start by boiling a little bit of yellow diced onion and let it sit in the water to cool down, then start straining it. Start giving your baby one tablespoon every 60 minutes until you feel that the baby’s condition is improving.

3- Alleviates earaches and infections

Grab a thin sock and start chopping an onion then put is inside the sock and close it by tieing in. Once finished, place it on the ear that causes pain in a flat position while lying on the opposite side. To ensure that the is in place, cover the area using a hat, and once you feel relief remove the sock.

4- Treat minor cuts

Did you know that the transparent cover of the onion’s skin can treat minor cuts? Well, it does, and it is because the onion has an antiseptic effect on the cut.

5- Relieves coughing

To relieve your coughing, peel an onion then cut it in half. Use 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to cover the onions, then let them sit for about an hour and start taking them 2 times a day for a better effect.

6- Treat fever

To actually treat fever, start slicing an onion to thin slices, then use coconut oil to rub the bottom side of your feet and put a thin onion slice on the arch of both of your feet, then grab a cling wrap to wrap it, then put some socks on and spend the night wearing. The onions will get rid of all the body toxins.

7- Purifies the air

Put two onion slices on some plates and distribute them around the house. Onions can actually purify the air from harmful bacteria and viruses.

8- Ceases vomiting

Start by pressing an onion after grating it to get the juice out, then proceed to brew a cup of peppermint tea. Once done, let it cool down then start by drinking 2 tablespoons of onion juice then wait for about 5 minutes and start drinking 5 tablespoons of the newly cooled peppermint tea then wait for another 5 minutes. Repeat this process over and over again until you start feeling better. However, consider paying a visit to a doctor.