8 Pantry Items That Actually Have Expiration Dates


I don’t know if you’re like me, but my pantry is catastrophic! With those deep racks, I have no idea what half of the stuff in my pantry is. Since pantry things can be difficult to track, and because they’re also all dry goods, you presumably aren’t prone to check expiration dates and hurling things that have turned sour. Anyway, even dry merchandise have expiration date – this is what you have to know.

1. Baking Powder

Most of us have had a similar compartment of preparing powder in our storerooms for a considerable length of time. However, baking powder is useful for a normal of nine to a year. You can check whether your preparing powder is still acceptable by adding a spoonful of it to some heated water. If the solution bubbles, you can keep the baking powder for somewhat more.

2. Honey

Albeit honey can keep going for quite a while, the assortment sitting in your pantry is no doubt counterfeit. Most of the honey sold in the United States is processed. So if you need to eat the genuine great stuff, ensure you’re getting it from a rancher’s market or characteristic, neighborhood provider.

3. Ground Spices

You may feel that ground spices never turn sour, yet they can truly lose their flavor after some time. Most of spices are useful for one to two years, so ensure you read the fine print and look at those expiration dates.

4. Tea

While tea won’t really turn sour, it will lose a lot of flavors if not put away in an impermeable compartment or bag. If you have loose teabags sticking around your pantry, it’s ideal to get rid of them (or even better, compost them!).