8 toothpaste uses you never knew before


Toothpaste is a product that many people use to clean their teeth to kill bacteria and to have a fresh smell in their mouths. But, that is the standard use that everyone knows about, but there are many other ones that not many people are familiar with. So keep reading to find out 8 toothpaste uses you never knew before.

1. Clean Your Car Headlights

Cleaning your car’s headlight can often come with a price because car detailing kits are not that cheap. But you can actually spend less and save money and time as well by using toothpaste. Simply spread it all over the headlights and scrub it using an old toothbrush before washing it.

2. Repair Small Scratches On Your Car

Another car-related use that is fairly cheap. If you have a small scratch on your car and you want to repair it, simply apply toothpaste on and around it and start wiping down the gash in the paint job using a soft cloth. Once done, use water and a dry clean cloth to wipe out the remains.

3. Polish Your Silverware

Silverware cleaning products are ridiculously expensive (but effective), so if you are on a budget and can’t afford a cleaning product, you can rub toothpaste on your silverware using a soft cloth, and just like that, they are clean and shiny once again. Don’t forget to remove all of the toothpaste, but be gentle.

4. Clean Your Dirty Leather and Plastic Shoes

You can restore the glory days of leather and plastic shoes by using toothpaste to get rid of all the accumulated dirt. Simply apply toothpaste on your shoes and use an old toothbrush to clean all of the crannies and nooks.

5. Remove Shoe Odor

Sometimes, shoes generate a bad smell that won’t go away no matter how many times you clean them. You can solve this problem by rubbing some toothpaste all along the soles of the shoes to bless them with a fresh and nice scent. Let your shoes sit until they become fully dry, then you can wear them.

6. Soothe Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are common during the summer and they can make you feel pretty uncomfortable. But you can soothe the bites using toothpaste, simply rub it on the irritated area and let it sit for some time, then wash it off with water and you will feel relieved instantly.

7. Remove Messy Nail Polish From Skin

Every human being makes mistakes, and manicure mistakes, they can happen to anyone. For example, you can accidentally brush strokes on cuticles or skin. The messy nail polish can be difficult to wipe, but if you rub some toothpaste on it after it dries, you will wipe it off easily.

8. Dry Out Pimples

This one is a little bit known, but there’s no harm in sharing information. You can dry out pimples by applying a little bit of toothpaste on pimples and letting it sit for an entire night. The next morning, the results are going to shock you.


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