8 Worst Cleaning Hacks That Don’t Even Work


Are you looking forward to making cleaning easier? Do you dream of the day someone will solve all your cleaning problems? Of course, we all do. The modern-day products and cleaning tools are so much better than they used to be with today’s new innovations hitting the market almost daily to make our lives easier.

And the internet is filled with hacks and tips that draw us in with dreams of better and easy cleaning. Who thinks about these things and for what reason haven’t we seen them sooner? Some depend on a touch of science, yet most are definitely not.

Here are 8 cleaning hacks that don’t work and will simply burn through your time and cash. Some are even level out hazardous! Skip them and follow the saner counsel that will give you a much cleaner and more secure result.

Clean Sponges in the Microwave

In the same way as other hacks, this one depends on a touch of science. Truly, high warmth can murder a few bacteria.

Add Salt to Washer to Prevent Dye Bleeding

Spare the salt for your fries and skip placing it in the washer. When clothes get into stores for you to get, it’s past the point of no return to stop color dying. That procedure must be done while the texture is being made. Luckily, if the entirety of your clothing is currently pink, there are some useful hacks that may very well make all the difference.

Use Hairspray to Remove Ink

This is a blast from the past hack that used to work when hairspray was about 100% liquor. However, circumstances are different. The present hairsprays contain less liquor (which is the magic ink remover) and more conditioners, oils, and emollients. Spare the hairspray for your updo and get the isopropyl liquor.

Spot a Magic Eraser in Toilet Tank to Remove Stains

Truly, those little white erasers are magical at removing soap scum on baths and pastel stamps on dividers. Anyway, they don’t do anything in your latrine tank to clean your toilet and may even botch the flushing systems. The scrubbers are made of melamine froth and need your elbow activity to work. They don’t break down and contain no microbes slaughtering or earth lifting segments.

Coat a Cooktop With Car Wax for Easy Cleaning

Grease and food scatter can be difficult to expel from cooktops; especially in the event that they are hard from long stretches of high warmth. If you have a bubble over, stay with brief cleaning and an item that slices through oil.

Warm Water Kills All Germs

Warm water can kill a few bacteria, but it must be extremely hot (212 degrees F) and the polluted surface must be uncovered for a few minutes. Since most home high temp water radiators are set at 120 degrees F, you’re tricking yourself about expecting boiling water alone to eliminate germs. After the flu moves through your home or you get ready crude meats in the kitchen, include a disinfectant like chlorine fade, pine oil, or phenolic arrangements (Lysol) to your cleaning schedule.


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