9 Bathroom Habits That You Need To Stop Doing ASAP


I’m not going to ask you to stop using your smartphone, but you likely don’t realize the amount of bacteria waiting in and around the surfaces of your bathroom. The following bathroom habits are natural to many of us, yet they could be unconsciously hurting you and your family. These are 9 bathroom habits that you need to stop doing… As Soon As Possible!

1. Not Washing Towels Regularly

Many of us most likely don’t ponder washing our towels strictly. However, they can store a huge amount of microscopic bacteria, so you should wash them at any rate once every week.

2. Texting On The Toilet

It’s not hard to understand why you shouldn’t use your phone while on the can. The closer your phone is to the bowl, the more probable it is to get a fecal issue. That fecal issue gets moved to your hands, your face, and better believe it… you needn’t bother with me to go on.

3. Not Storing Makeup Properly

For some women, it’s entirely expected to leave cosmetics sitting on your washroom ledges, significantly after you’re finished using it. However, makeup interacts with a ton of germs along these lines, so you ought to consistently store it in a cabinet or pantry.

4. Not Using The Fan

These days, essentially every bathroom comes furnished with a fan. Despite the fact that fans unquestionably help with taking out unpleasant scents, their important role is to take out dampness from the washroom. Dampness prompts shape, and that is something you unquestionably would prefer not to manage.


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