9 Organizing Mistakes That Make Your House Messier


A well-organized and tidy home undoubtedly brings practicality, peace, and a welcoming atmosphere. However, it’s crucial to understand that the path to tidiness is often paved with common pitfalls that can hinder your efforts. Let’s explore nine of these mistakes and discover how to transform your intentions into a clutter-free reality.

1. Neatly Stacked Miscellaneous

Simply stacking papers on your desk, accumulating lidless plastic containers in cupboards, or hoarding unread magazines doesn’t equate to organization. It’s merely an attempt to delay dealing with clutter. Instead, take action by filing or discarding papers, reading or parting with magazines, and decluttering surplus storage containers.

2. Cleaning Supplies Clutter

While you can store cleaning supplies in various locations, having them spread across a large house can become inefficient. To streamline your cleaning routine, store supplies in or near the rooms where you use them. For instance, place bathroom and kitchen detergents under their respective sinks and keep general household cleaners within easy reach.

3. “In Case of Emergency”

Many households reserve space for items they rarely use, justifying it as preparation for emergencies. However, unless you actually use these items at least once a year, they’re consuming valuable space. Be honest with yourself and consider selling or donating those “just in case” items you know you’ll likely never need.

4. Creating Unnecessary Anxiety

An artfully empty kitchen counter might look appealing, but if you use appliances like a coffeemaker or toaster daily, it’s more practical to keep them within easy reach. Store less frequently used appliances and utensils out of sight, retaining only those you frequently use.

5. Overloaded Organizers

Enthusiasm for organizing often leads to the purchase of excessive storage containers, causing more clutter than order. If you find yourself stuffing storage boxes into other storage boxes, it’s time to let go of excess organizers and keep only what’s necessary.

6. Ill-Fitting Bedroom Closets

An organized bedroom closet can simplify your mornings, but it must align with your lifestyle and needs. Don’t be swayed by glamorous closets on social media; focus on functionality. Store rarely worn items towards the back, prioritizing easy access to your everyday wardrobe.

7. The Perils of Excess

Even a well-organized home can appear cluttered when overloaded. Recognize that every space has its storage limit. Be candid with yourself about each item’s usefulness, attractiveness, and emotional value. If something doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s time to make room for items that do.

8. Mixing Cleanliness and Organization

Cleanliness and organization are distinct concepts. A clean home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s well-organized, and vice versa. While organizing facilitates cleanliness maintenance, they are separate tasks requiring regular attention.

9. Procrastination

Organizing isn’t a one-time endeavor; it’s an ongoing process. Avoid the mistake of procrastinating and allowing small tasks to escalate into overwhelming projects. Dedicate 5-10 minutes daily to tidying up and maintaining a clean, functional, and attractive living space.

Conclusion: Get Organized Today

By steering clear of these common organizing mistakes, you can finally attain the organized home you’ve always aspired to have. Remember that true tidiness is an ongoing journey that requires consistency and thoughtful decision-making to create a harmonious living environment.

Photos source: bobvila.com – istockphoto.com