Mom Triggers Debate After Using Vibrator To Clear Baby’s Congestion


Social media can bring many people together to share informations and experiences or to simply get to know each other, some parents use social media to share their tips and tricks with each other, some are considered odd, and some cross the line and become controversies. This was the case with a hack showcasing a mother using a vibrator to help clear to help clear her baby’s congestion

Every parent knows how stressful it is dealing with congested baby, all you do is focusing on them getting better as soon as possible, thats where this hack comes in.

According to the Facebook page Melons and Cuties, the usage of a vibrator on a baby’s back in a steamy room can help clear the congestion, but before attempting this method at home on your baby you should consult a doctor

Even if this hack caused controversy, parents swear it works

facebook | Melons and Cuties

Some people can be triggered by the fact that it’s a vibrator, but of course you will need a new one you are planning on doing this with your baby

Many parents supported this hack especially those that went through the experience of taking care of a sick child

Facebook | Melons and Cuties

Parents are willing to go the extra mile if the method is safe no matter how weird it is

Other mothers stated that vibrations can help with opral development and feeding issues
Facebook | Melons and Cuties

This is a new information for almost everyone; no one expected vibrators to have such a number of treatments for babies. But its better to consult a doctor before attempting any vibrator treatments

Some put light on the fact that vibrators can help with clogged ducts

Unsplash | Dave Clubb

If you are breastfeeding clogged milk ducts happen frequently, The use of a vibrator to gently massage the clogged duct can help break it up.

And who can forget when samantha used a vibrator; on ”Sex and the City”; to calm Brady. Other parents claimed that thee usage of a clean vibrator on their fussy babies to calm them

The proof!

Facebook | Melons and Cuties

Lots of people have used vibrations to soothe their babies.

However not everyone liked this tip

Facebook | Melons and Cuties

Since this picture was posted, it received 26,000 comments and of course not all comments supported this idea, Melons and Cuties posted this response to everyone that considered usage of a vibrator is inappropriate: ”When moms are in the trenches, its the middle of the night wit ha sick child, this s something they may not of thought of. For those of you calling us pervs… Yoou have a very unhealthy view of sexuality, parenting and can ‘buzz’ off.

This is not a typical parenting hack to this person

Many parents used and liked this hack, yet some people just can’t get their head around it.



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