At only 19 years old, he bought the bakery in his village and hired his parents


Nineteen is often an age when many young people are finishing their school education and embarking on higher studies. However, not everyone follows this path. Some individuals possess an entrepreneurial spirit that propels them further, like the inspiring story of a young man highlighted in the women’s magazine, Marie France.

Bryan Jonniaux’s journey is a testament to his determination and ambition. At a tender age of 19, freshly graduated with a degree in bakery, he made the audacious decision to acquire the bakery in his hometown, transforming it into a thriving business.

The Story of Bryan Jonniaux

Bryan Jonniaux had only one dream since childhood: to become a baker. Hailing from the Ardennes region, this young man exudes confidence. With sheer determination, motivation, and creativity, Bryan pursued his dreams despite numerous obstacles.

Bryan Jonniaux Becomes a Baker at Only 19

To realize his dream, Bryan Jonniaux had unwavering faith in his abilities, qualities that would see him become a baker. Despite his youth, Bryan dedicated himself to success, turning his hometown bakery into a flourishing enterprise. What’s more, Bryan made his parents proud by involving them in his venture, hiring them as employees. His business continued to grow, producing delectable pastries for the local community and neighboring villages. Notably, he was elected the best apprentice in the Ardennes, and he became the youngest business owner in the region. Apart from his parents, Bryan assembled a small team to support him daily, with two saleswomen and an apprentice present in the bakery. Bryan is an embodiment of success, working six days a week, rising at dawn to be at his bakery by 2 a.m., and closing up shop at 7 p.m. each day.

Bryan Jonniaux: A Young Entrepreneur Who Faced Challenges

Bryan’s unwavering dedication to making his business thrive was evident, but it didn’t come without its share of challenges. At the outset of his entrepreneurial journey, Bryan Jonniaux encountered skepticism from those who doubted his baking skills and his capabilities as a young business owner. However, his unshakeable belief in his dreams allowed him to overcome these obstacles. Despite being the best apprentice in the Ardennes, he faced hurdles when seeking a bank loan to finance his ambitious project. Due to his young age and the scale of his project, he lacked credibility with financial institutions. Today, the success of his bakery stands as a triumphant response to these early challenges.

Bryan Jonniaux’s Bakery: “La Maison des Pains”

After acquiring his hometown bakery, Bryan rebranded it as “La Maison des Pains” or “The House of Breads.” With the assistance of his team, he delivers bread to 30 surrounding villages, where the quality of his service is highly regarded. His bakery also supplies bread to a campground, a school, a restaurant, a fast-food outlet, and a hotel. Customers visit Bryan’s bakery not only to support this young entrepreneur but also for the exceptional quality of his bread and pastries that have made him renowned.

Becoming an Apprentice Baker Like Bryan Jonniaux

To become an apprentice baker, one must pursue a CAP (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle) in baking or a Brevet Professionnel (BP) in baking. These programs are conducted in an alternating format to acquire both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for the profession. Through the apprenticeship contract, aspiring bakers can immerse themselves fully in the industry, guided by a master baker. In addition to theoretical classes, they gain hands-on experience in various aspects of the trade, including inventory management, bread production, hygiene regulations, and safety protocols. Apprentices also learn about product marketing in a bakery. It was this comprehensive training that enabled Bryan Jonniaux to develop his skills and manage his own business at the age of 19.

image source : spm