Brilliant uses for baby wipes you might not know about

Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. They are incredibly useful because they are already moistened, can be easily carried with you, and are disposable. Ask any Mom you know and they will tell you that wet wipes are used for much more than diaper changes.
You can easily find unscented baby wipes very inexpensively at discount and dollar stores. Small, travel size packages fit well under sinks, in drawers and even in your purse! These baby wipe hacks will show you just how useful baby wipes can be!
1. Clean up a spill (h/t To Be Thode)
Use a baby wipe to quickly clean up spills in your home – including on your carpet. If you move quickly enough, you can prevent a stain from setting by blotting the carpet with a baby wipe. Even already dried stains may be removed with the cleaning power of a baby wipe. The key to successful carpet stain removal is to catch the stain as soon as possible.
2. Wipe a dry erase board clean (h/t Successful Homemakers)
If you’ve ever forgotten to wipe the marker off a dry erase board, you know that aged marker can be hard to remove. The light oils and cleaning solution found in baby wipes is the ideal solution to stained white boards. Simply clean the dry erase surface with a baby wipe and dry with a cloth. It’s amazing how easily this baby wipe hack works!
3. Erase paint mistakes (h/t Lake Girl Paints)
If you’ve made a mistake on a painting project, don’t panic. Baby wipes are the perfect eraser for paint mishaps. Simply use the wipe to remove paint from your project. Move to a new, clean section of the wipe frequently to minimize smearing. You can even use a wet wipe to clean up your hands, your work space, and the floor.
4. Solve beauty problems (h/t One Good Thing)
Baby wipes are perfect for taking care of beauty problems. A travel size pack will tuck into a bathroom drawer or even into a large makeup bag. Use wipes to remove hair dye from skin, clean up nail polish when giving yourself a manicure, and clean up makeup spills on your counter. You can even use a wet wipe as a makeup remover wipe. The light oils quickly break down waterproof eye makeup.
5. Remove dirt and watermarks from microfiber (h/t Lily Button Designs)
One of the downsides to microfiber furniture is that it can be difficult to clean. Many microfibers reveal watermarks once you try to clean it. Baby wipes contain a combination of cleaners that work excellently to remove dirt, stains and watermarks from microfiber furniture. Simply rub the wipe over the stained area and then dry thoroughly with a blow dryer.


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