Can You Believe That 3 Adults Live In This Tiny Home?


Although life in a small house is not for everyone, it allows a certain sense of simplicity and freedom that life in a traditional house does not. I have seen some pretty impressive small houses in the last few years, but this is certainly at the top of the list, especially since three adults live in this 160 square foot space.

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

Sometimes I feel that I am constantly meeting my husband in our 1,300 square meter house. That’s why I’m so impressed that a mother, father and their 18-year-old son live in this lovely little house. Although it is tiny, the design features they have chosen give the space a feeling of lightness and lightness.

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

You may wonder where everyone sleeps in this little space. The couple’s son sleeps on the living room couch, which is actually a double bed. His parents sleep in the attic, which even has two small bedside tables and beautiful antique looking wall lights.

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

The main living area has integrated shelves in elegant places, especially above the main entrance. There is a wall-mounted flat screen TV and enough seating for the three family members to watch something together comfortably. The small bathroom has been extended by using lightweight natural wood. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink and a 30 x 30 shower.

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

The kitchen is equipped with butcher’s counters, a mini-fridge, a sink and enough cupboards and shelves to store dishes and kitchen utensils. The family has a stove, but it is a small portable stove that can be stored when not in use. Every inch of the kitchen has been used as efficiently as possible.


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