Clean your dryer filter and avoid becoming a household fire statistic


Did you know that dryer fires are responsible for approximately 20,000 house fires in the United States each year? This is an alarming statistic, and the sad part is that dryer fires are easily preventable. When you neglect to remove lint from your dryer filter, it blocks the vents. When this happens, the lint can catch fire very easily, even after only one or two times when you haven’t emptied the filter.

source: CleanAir Solutions / iStock

So how do you avoid a dryer fire? The preventative measures are fairly simple. You should completely empty your dryer’s lint filter after each use. You should also pay attention to your dryer’s ventilation system. At least once a year, carefully disconnect your dryer from its power source (or turn off the gas if you have a gas dryer) and check the vent or exhaust duct, which is usually located at the back of the dryer.

source: CNet

You can disconnect the duct, then vacuum all sections thoroughly. Unfortunately, the lint filter is not the only place where lint can accumulate, so it is important to check the ventilation system at least once a year. Another extremely important thing to do is to make sure that in the winter, no snow piles block the dryer’s exterior ventilation.

If you take these simple preventive measures into account, your dryer will work the way it is supposed to, without causing a fire.

source: Air Duct Cleaning