Clean Your Whole Kitchen With Only Lemon And Salt


Most of us spend a lot of time in kitchens, so they’re commonly the rooms in our homes that see the most. Between cooking, dishes, pets, and children, your kitchen can go from shining clean to entirely filthy in a short measure of time. The hack we’re going to impart to you will make that “sparkling clean” period last somewhat more!

Lemons are fruit with huge amounts of antiviral and antibacterial properties. In addition to the fact that they disinfect, they freshen up. What’s more, that is the objective of this hack. Before you hit the hay, cut a lemon into three or four wedges. Then, sprinkle some coarse salt over the lemon wedges and forget about them on your kitchen counter.

The salt enables the smell of the lemon to broaden more distant, and the lemon itself will assimilate foul scents and microorganisms from the air. So when you get up toward the beginning of the day, the air will be perfect and your kitchen will smell normally new. You can utilize the subsequent lemon and salt wedges to clean wooden cutting sheets, as well. Since wood is permeable, it traps microorganisms in the grain. The lemon and salt will expel these bacterias with the goal that your cutting board is perfect and sanitized.


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