Creative aluminum foil hacks you should know about


Aluminum can be used for more than just wrapping food, it can actually do things you can never think of, that is why we decided to gather up a list of aluminum foil uses that are unexpected, surprising and creative. Who thought that this simple item can be so versatile? Well, I didn’t until I discovered these uses. So keep reading for more enlightenment.

  1. Aluminum foil can protect doorknobs when you’re painting
  2. Use aluminum foil to drain meat by lining it with a bowl and throw away the foil when grease become hard.
  3. Keep your oven clean for a long time by leaving an aluminum foil sheet in the bottom so that it catches drips
  4. Prevent bananas from ripening before time by putting a foil on both ends of the banana.
  5. Throw a crumpled ball of aluminum foil in your dryer to fluff clothes and to remove static if you run out of dryer sheets.
  6. Cover your paint tray with aluminum foil to clean up easily once you’re done the painting work.
  7. Remove tarnish from silver using salt, baking soda, vinegar, and aluminum foil
  8.  Clean the grill without the use of chemicals