Dads Adopt a Family of 6 Siblings to Keep Them Together


In 2021, the lives of six siblings took a heartwarming turn as they found their forever home with a loving couple, Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean, in Pennsylvania. This remarkable adoption not only fulfilled the dreams of the children but also ensured that they would remain together as a family, defying the heartbreaking trend of siblings being separated within the foster care system. The story of this incredible journey began in 2018 when the couple first heard about the adoption need for Carlos, 14, Guadalupe, 13, Maria, 12, Selena, 10, Nasa, 9, and Max, 7.

Upon seeing the pictures of the siblings for the first time, Steve and Rob were instantly drawn to them, sensing a deep calling to provide them with a loving home. They were acutely aware of the emotional toll that separation can take on siblings in the foster care system and were determined to prevent it from happening to this extraordinary group of children. Fortunately, the state authorities recognized the importance of keeping the siblings together and supported the couple’s decision.

In July 2018, these six children officially became a part of Steve and Rob’s family, joining them as foster children. Their enthusiasm for staying with their new parents became evident within the first week of their arrival. The siblings had spent years in foster care, which offered little opportunity for fun and enjoyment. However, living with their new dads opened up a world of experiences, from trips to the zoo and parks to joyous playtime in the backyard. They savored every moment, never wanting these precious experiences to end.

Initially, Steve and Rob had concerns about how the eldest sibling, Carlos, would react to having same-sex parents, given his age and potential challenges in adjusting. To their relief, Carlos seamlessly integrated into the family, dispelling any initial worries. All six siblings felt grateful for the chance to have two caring dads who were committed to giving them the world. Their Friday nights at the trampoline park became a cherished tradition, and every moment spent together after their adoption was a cause for celebration.

The Joyous Adoption Day and Life as a Family of Eight

The crowning moment for Steve and Rob was when they officially adopted the six siblings on May 23, 2019. This event marked the end of the siblings’ 1,640 days in foster care and the beginning of a life filled with love and warmth. The judge’s pronouncement that the adoptive children were now as much their own was a moment of profound significance. Since then, the two dads have treated the siblings as their biological children, offering unwavering love and support.

Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean, a couple with nearly two decades of history, celebrated their commitment ceremony in 2006 before officially tying the knot in Maryland in 2013. Following the departure of Steve’s two sons from a previous marriage, Parker and Noah, they felt that their journey in raising children was far from over. Their inspiration to adopt siblings came after watching a TV show that highlighted the importance of adopting multiple children to keep them together. This revelation led them to explore adoption in the United States.

Their search led them to the six siblings, who had been in foster care for almost five years. The children had endured a history of abuse and neglect, leading to their parents losing custody in 2017. A matching process in June 2018 paved the way for the children to move in with Steve and Rob the following month, marking the beginning of a transformative chapter in their lives.

The Unshakable Bond and Forever Family

Adoption can be a challenging and often lengthy process, but it is undeniably worth it to provide children with the love, stability, and security they deserve. Steve realized early on that he and Rob could offer the children a better future, but what he didn’t anticipate was the profound impact these siblings would have on their lives. The family of eight has embraced their new life wholeheartedly, with the children feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for their dads.

Despite the incredible journey, there are moments when the children still find it hard to believe that they have been adopted and worry that it might not last. Max, the 7-year-old of the group, once approached Steve with the words, “I’m adopted,” as though he needed to say it out loud to fully accept the reality of his adoption. Steve, who understands the feeling of insecurity stemming from years in the foster care system, reassured Max that he would always be their son. This message is one that the couple continually reinforces with all the children, emphasizing that their bond is unbreakable.

Although they have lived with Steve and Rob for three years, the siblings feel as though they have known them forever. An unspoken emotional bond has existed for many years, and every day, they create new memories and cherish their togetherness. The love between the two dads and the six siblings knows no bounds, acting as a healing force that has helped these children transition from a turbulent past to a future filled with promise.

For Carlos, having a stable, forever family felt surreal. He no longer had to label himself as a foster child, a status he thought would forever define him. Today, he is a cherished son of two loving dads who are dedicated to providing him and his siblings with the best life possible.

In Conclusion: A Story of Love and Inspiration

The heartwarming tale of two dads adopting six siblings in Pittsburgh has not only transformed the lives of these children but also left an indelible mark on the world. Emerging from a background of abuse and nearly five years in foster care, the siblings found love, stability, and security in the embrace of Steve and Rob. This family of eight, living together for three years, exemplifies the transformative power of love and affection in healing even the most broken of souls. This inspiring story serves as a beacon of hope for anyone considering adoption, reminding us of the incredible impact we can have on the lives of children in need.

image source : power of positivity