DIY Citrus and Lavender Toilet Fizzies


I don’t think that anybody loves cleaning their bathrooms. And they must be cleaned a lot! Since I needed to invest less energy and time cleaning my bathrooms, I started searching for things that could assist speed with increasing the errand. I found a couple of items that may have carried out the responsibility, yet they were made with such a lot of synthetic substances for me to use them often. Also, the expenses of getting them consistently would have immediately included! So I chose to make my own frugal DIY cleaning tool! Because of these DIY Citrus and Lavender Toilet Fizzies, you can get your toilets spotless and disinfect in a blink of an eye, effortlessly.

While the citrus strip right now, it adds extra essential oil to the toilet fizzies. Also, I simply like the manner in which the container looks sitting on the counter with bits of fresh color! I regularly zest an orange or two preceding I pass them out to the children and put the zest out to dry on a paper towel to keep for my DIY ventures.

As usual, I suggest using a nice healing essential oil in your DIY projects. If you can find essential oils that are both therapeutic and natural, that’s way perfect!

Citrus and Lavender Toilet Fizzies


  • 1½ cups baking soda
  • ½ cup citric corrosive
  • 1 orange, zested (discretionary)
  • 25 drops orange essential oil or lemon essential oil
  • 24 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1-2 tsp. water

Silicone shape (I find that silicone molds are the most simple to expel your latrine fizzies from, and are additionally the least demanding to wash a while later. I use the strong half of this ball ice square form.)

Fine fog splash bottle (discretionary you can get a little one in the movement segment all things considered stores).