DIY Foaming Hand Soap (Easy & Cheap)


I’ve been making my own foaming hand soap for a long while, because I have a simple and cheap method to set aside some money. I, at last, chose to share with you the best way to make foaming hand soap. Also, you can apply this idea on shower gel to make your own DIY foaming body wash.

If you buy foaming hand soap at the store, but you will pay unnecessary more money than if you make it yourself. In addition to the fact that you are paying more money, with the main reality that it’s ‘foaming’, you are actually getting less soap for that additional money. I like to load up on customary hand soap when I can get it for inexpensively my sales and coupons. Then, I simply make my own foaming hand soap.

For instance, I have an ordinary jug of Dial hand soap that cost me $.50 on account of my coupons. However, I am going to extend that cash significantly further by making foaming hand soap. I will have the option to get 4 to 5 jugs of foaming hand soap out of this normal liquid soap, which implies by homemade foaming hand soap just cost me $.10 each!! Now that’s something that makes me happy!

How to make foaming hand soap

What you need:

  • Normal liquid hand soap (don’t use creamy ones)
  • Water
  • A foaming hand soap dispenser (you can use an old one)