DIY Recipe Homemade Mascara with Castor Oil


Find out about the advantages of using castor oil for your eyelashes and an uncommon DIY homemade mascara with castor oil formula!

Castor oil is a base element of different restorative items and beauty plans because of its useful properties as a bearer oil. Aside from the skin-profiting antibacterial and hostile to parasitic properties, castor oil is acclaimed for invigorating hair development and cell recovery. On many occasions, we have been cautioned about the destructive impacts of synthetic substances on our skin. Indeed, even as locally acquired make-up items furnish us with the customary type of transitory magnificence, the enduring outcomes can be adverse for the skin. Also, commercials mascaras are the same; they can frame or abandon bunches of make-up buildup on the eyelashes. This, thus, debilitates the underlying foundations of the lashes and even reason split finishes in the lash hairs. Dermatologists exhort that the power you apply in expelling the waterproof mascaras is destructive to the eyelashes.

Why Homemade Mascara

Homemade beauty items are a more secure option than off-the-path restorative items. There are no poisons or synthetic concoctions in the DIY plans that you make at home. Homemade mascara with castor oil gives you dependable advantages, and whenever used routinely, they can even help in accomplishing sensational volume in the eyelashes.

Recipe for DIY Homemade Mascara With Castor Oil


  • One tablespoon castor oil
  • A few tablets of initiated charcoal
  • One tablespoon of almond oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon beeswax
  • 1/2 teaspoon shea butter


In a twofold evaporator, liquefy the beeswax and shea margarine in it, and once it liquefies, take the compartment off the warmth.

Blend the oils and the enacted charcoal in the liquefied beeswax and shea margarine and blend well.

After the blend chills off, scoop it with a spoon and spot it on the internal corner of a zip-lock sack or an expert one-time use funneling pack.

Funnel the substance in a little spotless holder or a new mascara tube.

If you are using a holder, use another mascara wand to apply the homemade mascara and clean it before each use.