Do You Bruise So Easily? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.


Accidents always happen in a jiffy. And to be sure, before you realize it, you probably won’t see that little corner of your table, and give it an excruciating high five with your hip. And of course, you end up with a bruise. After a crash that way, a wound bodes well. However, a few people bruise rapidly. But why does it happen and how does that work?

There are many reasons why some people bruise faster than others. We show some of them here for you.

1. You are a woman

It’s undoubtedly out of line, but shockingly it’s the brutal truth. Women tend to get bruises faster than women. “But why?”, you might be thinking. Most men have a thicker skin than women. Men also produce more collagen, which saves veins against bruises.

2. You are getting more seasoned

Your age also assumes a job in the fact that you are so delicate to bruising. “As you get older, your skin becomes thinner. This makes blood vessels in the skin also more vulnerable,” clarifies Dr. Fisher, supervisor of Country Living. Your veins additionally lose flexibility as you age, making them crack all the more effectively and cause wounding.

3. You take certain supplements

Some of the time, certain ways of life prescribe supplements to keep you from passing up basic nutrients and minerals. Lamentably, a few supplements can make you bruise all the more effectively, in any case, the explanation behind this is vague. Along these lines, consistently counsel the specialist before you begin taking supplements.


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