Do you hate dirt in the house? Try these indoor plants that grow without soil.


Do you hate dirt in the house? Here are houseplants that grow without soil and keep your hands and clothes clean!
If you love plants but don’t like the mess of handling soil that comes with them, then don’t worry! For people who hate dirt in their homes, here are the best houseplants that grow without soil!

Indoor plants that grow without soil

1- Lucky bamboo

This lucky houseplant is popular for its indestructible nature and fantastic appearance in transparent bowls filled with eater. You can also cultivate it in hydroponics.

2- Aerial plants

These amazing plants grow in the air without soil. They form a rosette that collects water and nutrients from the environment. You can easily grow them in terrariums or decorative glass dishes.


Houseplants that Grow Without Soil 2

Pothos are known for their air purification properties, ease of maintenance and many other advantages. You can grow it without soil in water in decorative vases and pots.


The spathes of bright, colorful exotic flowers on the contrasting green foliage of the anthurium are appreciated for their immense beauty and ease of care. It prefers heat and high humidity.

5- Philodendron

Houseplants that Grow Without Soil 3

Philodendron is a popular air-purifying houseplant known for its creeping vines. You can grow it in water and enjoy its beauty as a centerpiece!

6-Arrowhead plant

Just like lucky bamboo, you can grow Syngonium in water. The arrow-shaped green leaves and flexible stems are adorable in transparent vases or pots when grown without soil.


Houseplants that Grow Without Soil 4

Hostas are ornamental and hardy houseplants that grow easily in the shade. You can multiply them by division and grow them in water to make a beautiful centerpiece.

8- Swiss cheese plant

You can bring tropical vibrations indoors without being overwhelmed by the clutter of the ground by growing monsters in the water and enjoying the beauty of its lush, jagged foliage!

9- Spanish Moss

Houseplants that Grow Without Soil 5

The grey-green tendrils of Spanish moss grow on trees in the wild and get their nutrients from the atmosphere. It does not need soil, but prefers high humidity and indirect light.


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