Do you have spider problems? Then use these following methods.

We all watched a movie about some country invading another country, right? However, sometimes we have to fight invaders as well, not another country, but insects trying to invade our houses. Let’s take spiders as an example, they can be a massive threat and can cause some problems if they settle down in the house, especially poisonous ones. But fear not because we have 10 ways that you can use to get rid of spiders just for you.
1. Peppermint essential oil, dishwashing liquid. 
Start by mixing a teaspoon of peppermint essential oil with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 3 cups of water, then pour the mixture in a spray bottle and give it a good shake just to make sure that everything is mixed well, then start spraying it all over the house to repel spiders.
2. Cinnamon. 
This is an easy one, just sprinkle some cinnamon around the house to keep spiders at bay. This is a method that can only prevent spiders from coming into your house.
3. Minty cotton balls. 
Grab some cotton balls and soak them in mint essential oil, then distribute them all over your house.
4. Chestnuts.
This is a simple one, just take chestnuts and put them on the windowsills to prevent spiders from coming in.
5. Saltwater.
This may sound a bit strange, but spiders can be terminated with saltwater. If you don’t have saltwater in your local store, then you can make your own by mixing a gallon of warm water with an ounce of salt. Once done, pour the solution into a spray bottle, then start spraying it on spiders and their nests.
6. White vinegar. 
Mix water with white vinegar and start spraying the solution into every crack and cranny you come across in your house.
7. Citrus peel. 
Did you know that spiders hate the smell of citrus? With this in mind, you can keep spiders away by rubbing citrus peels all over your house. You can also use a plant to keep spiders at bay. To know that plant click here to read the full article.
8. Cedar hangers.
If you ever come across spiders hanging out in your closet, then use cedar hangers to kick them out.
9. Tobacco. 
Spiders absolutely hate tobacco and so should you. Use a mixture of tobacco and water to make a DIY spider repellent, then start spraying it in every possible entry point.
10. Coconut oil. 
Coconut oil is known for its healing properties, but it is also an effective tool that can repel spiders. Simply mix one part coconut oil with two parts water, then use the solution to keep spiders at bay.


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