Eames In A Box: A 1959 Spartan Carousel Trailer With A Fantastic Circular Kitchen


In 1959, the visionary American designers Charles and Ray Eames embarked on a unique journey, fusing their passion for design and innovation with the purchase of a Spartan Carousel trailer. This mobile home and studio conversion became a testament to their creativity and marked a pivotal moment in mid-century design. Notably, the trailer’s standout feature was a revolutionary circular kitchen, now hailed as a masterpiece of the era.

Originally conceived as a luxurious travel trailer, the Eames’ transformation elevated it to new heights. The circular kitchen took center stage, showcasing the couple’s commitment to innovation and experimentation. Crafted with a curved countertop made of laminated plywood, a cutting-edge material at the time, the design seamlessly merged durability with affordability.

The kitchen was equipped with modern appliances seamlessly integrated into the aesthetic, including a refrigerator, stove, and oven. Adding a touch of entertainment, the Eames’ incorporated a built-in radio and turntable, creating a dynamic space where they could enjoy music while cooking.

Beyond its practicality, the circular kitchen became a work of art. The vibrant orange walls complemented the natural wood tones of the cabinetry, creating a visually stunning and harmonious environment. This design philosophy extended throughout the trailer, reinforcing a sense of continuity and balance.

For several years, the Eames’ Spartan Carousel trailer served as both a mobile studio and home as they traveled the country, engaging with clients and showcasing their designs. The trailer, now housed in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, stands as a testament to their enduring legacy and profound impact on mid-century modern design.

Visitors to the museum can witness the brilliance of the circular kitchen, among other iconic Eames designs. This mobile masterpiece encapsulates the couple’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and serves as an everlasting symbol of their influence on the design world.

In conclusion, the Eames’ Spartan Carousel trailer, with its iconic circular kitchen, remains a beacon of mid-century modern design. Their legacy as pioneers continues to inspire future generations, ensuring that the Eames’ innovative spirit lives on in the realm of design for years to come.

image source : Retrorenovation