Fireman Dan Estrada is a canine sweetheart so when he ran over a pooch that was in trouble, he didn’t spare a moment to go to the canine’s guide. He and his companion Vincent Lopez were strolling through the forested areas behind his home in San Lorenzo Valley, California with their mutts when they ran over a canine that appeared to not be moving. At the point when she heard the men approach, she had the option to lift her head. “It truly was a supernatural occurrence,” Estrada told TODAY.

The canine was a 12-year-old visually impaired Labrador named Sage who had been absent for over seven days. The area was put with signs and her proprietors even had an expert canine tracker searching for her. “Our neighbors and different individuals from the network helped us scan day and night for seven days,” Beth Cole, Sage’s proprietor, revealed to The Mercury News. “We looked all over.” The family was alarmed for her prosperity, particularly since mountain lions are known to wander the zone. Fortunately, they hadn’t gotten to her, notwithstanding, appetite and weariness did.

Estrada moved toward the pooch and gave her a kiss. He knows Sage well overall, she frequently plays with his two salvage hounds, a pit bull named Koelsch and a dachshund named Barnabus. She was feeble in the wake of being distant from everyone else in the forested areas for such a long time, so he lifted her up onto his shoulders and conveyed the canine up the slope. Estrada’s better half at that point reached Sage’s proprietors who carried her entitlement to the vet. After some rest, Sage had returned to acting naturally.

The entire neighborhood was excited to catch wind of her protected return. One neighbor cooked her a steak, while an invite home gathering will be held for her at a nearby bar where cash will be raised for the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.