Fix Common House Problems Using These 13 hacks


Owning a house does not mean that you are not going to run into problems you had to face when living in rented homes because even though the problems’ rate drops, but you are still going to run into some issues. For that reason, you should learn certain skills and hacks to help yourself instead of calling for a handyman (because that’s more expensive). Here are 13 hacks that can help you solve common house problems.

1. Tackle A Rusty Screw

source: RedBubble/John Newson

If you have to deal with rusty screws, don’t think too far from the props you have around the house because pouring distilled vinegar on top of the screw is more than enough to loosen it a bit.

2. DIY Hole Patch

source: Instructables

You can make a DIY hole patch by mixing super glue with baking soda. Once finished, apply the blend to the hole and wipe away the excess using a dry cloth.

3. Clean An Oil Stain

source: Molly Maid

To clear spilled oil from your driveway, pour kitty litter on top of the oil spillage and crush it up using a shovel (you can use your shoes). Wait for 20 minutes before sweeping the kitty litter with hot soapy water. Once done, give it a good rinse and that’s it.

4. Unclog A Toilet

source: American Fire

Clogged toilets are very hard to deal with, but you can use this simple hack to solve the problem easily. All you have to do is pour a cup of liquid dish soap in the bowl and let it sit for about an hour so that the dish soap loosens the clog.

5. Fix A Swaying Cupboard Door

source: K&J Magnetics, Inc.

Cupboard doors sometimes can decide to not get shut. However, there’s a gadget that costs roughly 10 dollars that clips the inside of your cupboard door using a magnet system.

6. Leaking Basement

source: This Old House

Basements can start leaking after heavy rain or a rainstorm because of the downspout that’s probably located very close to the foundation of your house. To solve this problem, use an extension piece so that the water starts flowing far away from your foundation.

7. Refresh Baseboards

source: Glidden Paint

If you haven’t changed your baseboards for a long time, then they are probably scratched, now. To fix that, make sure to wipe some putty on the scratched and any kind of excess, then swipe on the coat of paint.

8. Deodorize Garbage Disposal

source: Norhio Plumbing

After a while, garbage disposals will start smelling bad. To solve that problem, sprinkle baking soda down the spout, then pour in distilled vinegar and lemon rinds. This way your garbage disposal will bee cleaner and have a fresh smell to it.

9. Clean Rusty Stainless Steel

source: Bar Keepers Friend

Leaving rusty materials in your sink is not a good idea because the sink will become rust as well. To solve this problem, mix distilled vinegar with baking soda and use the blend to scrub the stains away.

10. DIY Cabinet Bumpers

source: Look Into

Sometimes, you are just sitting on your couch chilling or doing something around the house, and all of a sudden, a cabinet door slams shut. That is pretty annoying actually. To solve that problem, dab hot glue in the corners and it will replicate the bumpers’ job.

11. Free A Stripped Screw

source: wikiHow

If you have a stripped screw that you want to free, then put an elastic band on it to give the screwdriver additional grip.

12. Deodorize The Washing Machine

source: Web Questions

To deodorize your washing machine make sure wipe down the seal using distilled vinegar and a rag every few weeks, or simply leave the machine’s door open after every use.

13. Fix A Squeaky Hinge

source: The Family Handyman

I don’t know about you, but I hate squeaky noises. Thank God I discovered that spraying metal hardware with a lubricant is very affective ad fixes a squeaky hinge.