Follow these steps to remove unnecessary items from your kitchen


Most people tend to love their kitchen excessively but still complain about how messy it is. I get it, you are always cooking in there and probably doing some paperwork or homework in there too, but once you are done, it is like the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. But fear not, because in this article we are going to address 7 steps to remove unnecessary items from your kitchen to keep it clean.

1. Remove fridge decorations

Trust me on this, removing fridge decorations can impact the way your kitchen looks. It is a very simple act but it has amazing results. Remove magnets, notes, drawings, and everything you are hanging on your fridge’s door.

2. Store cooking utensils

Even though they can serve as a decoration, it is not pleasant to see them on your counter, it only ruins the look. Try making some space for them in a drawer and stock them there instead of displaying them.

3. Shelve cookbooks

It is not bad to keep one or two books around in the kitchen, but a load is a definite NO! They take a lot of space, not to mention the fact that they make the place look messy. Take your cookbooks and put them on a shelf or in whatever place you like to keep your other books in.

4. Remove mail

A lot of people use their counters as a place to store mail. The accumulation of mail and bills will create a big mess that will result in an untidy kitchen. Try to sort out the mail to keep only the necessary and definitely put them on your desk, not on the counter.

5. Store small appliances

Kitchen props like the toaster, mixer, coffee machine, and other related items, if kept in the kitchen, then it is going to look messier than it is, not to mention that they make it look crowded. To fix this problem, keep only the needed appliances and store the rest somewhere you can easily access.

6. Limit kitchen accessories

I am sure that you love getting kitchen gadgets that you think are cool and can be useful. And what happened after you buy them? You rarely use them, and you find yourself with extra items taking important space. You have to limit your kitchen gadgets purchases and try to sell the ones that you don’t use, or just give them away to someone.

7. Streamline your pantry

They say that little things have the greatest impact. In the case of streamlining your pantry, it is so accurate. This simple task can have a big impact, that is why you should try to arrange your spices in a basket and move the bagged and canned food to clear containers then put them on a shelf, and sort them by food type.