Granny Pods”, a new housing trend for elderly parents


It is always a difficult decision and transition when it is clear that your elderly parent can no longer live alone. Nursing homes can be expensive, have no available space, and cause feelings of fear, anxiety, and alienation in seniors. However, if your elderly parent or loved one cannot live unsupervised but is not yet ready for a nursing home, a “granny pod” can be a great option.

MEDCottage is a company that manufactures prefabricated “granny suites” for installation in the backyard or on the property of a senior’s caregiver. According to MEDCottage, its senior living units are “state-of-the-art hospital rooms” with remote monitoring capabilities. This makes them perfect for rehabilitation or long-term care.

source: MEDCottage

These retirement homes allow residents to maintain some independence, while being in close proximity to caregivers. They offer peace of mind to all family members, and they are actually very nicely appointed. There are several different models, some of which are even designed to work in a garage or camper platform.

If you opt for the classic model (which looks like a sort of miniature bungalow), prices range from $85,000 to $125,000. Considering the monthly costs of nursing and retirement homes, the breakdown is actually quite reasonable.

source: MEDCottage

According to Good Housekeeping, the granny pods can be hooked up to the main home’s sewer, water, and power lines. Some standard features in the granny pods include hand railings, defibrillators, first aid supplies, lighted floors, and soft floors in case a fall were to occur.

source: MEDCottage

While a nursing home may not be the ideal solution for everyone, it does allow elderly relatives who may not be ready for a nursing home to remain close to home, while allowing them to maintain their independence. Ultimately, the senior and their family need to be on the same page when it comes to making a life-related transition.