“Hamilton” Broadway Star’s daughter passed away due to a serious neurological disorder.



Broadway star of the hit production “Hamilton,” Miguel Cervantes, and his wife Kelly were left with broken hearts after losing a serious form of epilepsy to their 3-year-old daughter earlier this month.

When she was only 7 months old, Adelaide was hospitalized and passed away a few weeks after being placed into hospice care. Kelly Cervantes posted on Twitter, announcing the news, a photo of the empty bed of her mother.

“The machines are off. Her bed is purge. The calm is deafening,” she composed. “Adelaide cleared out us early Saturday. She went calmly in my arms, encompassed by adore. At long last, she is free from torment + seizures but clears out our hearts smashed. We adore you so much Adelaideybug and until the end of time after.” Kelly and Miguel, the star of the Chicago melodic, have been working to support epilepsy investigate through the nonprofit Citizens Joined together for Investigate in Epilepsy since Adelaide was to begin with analyzed.

Adelaide was enduring from a “neuro-degenerative” condition with no remedy, which was causing her youthful and delicate brain to break down. In a web journal post, Kelly had point by point her girls medications, moreover showing that their girl had entered hospice care due to the condition. “The word that has frequented us from our most punctual days on this travel, our most noticeably awful bad dream has come true,” she composed. “We’ve observed as she’s misplaced the capacity to suck her thumb, as she’s floated more indirectly from us month after