Here’s How To Unlock Your Car In Less Than 30Seconds If You Ever Lose Your Keys


We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when we realize we’ve locked our keys inside the car. Whether it’s during a rushed morning, a quick errand, or just a moment of forgetfulness, the frustration that follows is universal. Misplacing spare keys is another common scenario, leaving us in a predicament without a backup plan. In such situations, rather than enduring the lecture from a family member or shelling out money for a locksmith, there’s a simple and ingenious DIY hack that might just save the day.

Unlocking Your Car Door with a String: A Step-by-Step Guide

We present a clever and practical method for unlocking your car door using a string. This technique works best with cars featuring exposed locks on the top of the door, as locks nestled inside the door panel remain inaccessible with this trick. Keep in mind to use this method on your car, not someone else’s.


  • A rope with a length matching your car door plus an additional 30 cm


  1. Tie a Knot: Begin by folding the string in half and creating a small overhand knot in the center. Ensure the knot tightens as you pull on each end.
  2. Pull the String Through: With the ends of the string in your hands, pull it over the door frame, allowing it to fit through the slot where the door meets the frame.
  3. Pass the Lasso Over the Lock: Maneuver the lassoed string over the knob of the lock and secure it tightly around the lock.
  4. Open the Lock: Pull on both ends of the string until the lock pops open.

Note: If a regular string is unavailable, a shoelace can be used as an alternative. In case your shoelace is not long enough, tying two together is a viable option. For cars that unlock by pulling the handle from the inside, sliding the string over the door latch might do the trick.

Conclusion: While the internet is filled with various DIY tips, it’s essential to approach such hacks responsibly. No one is advocating illicit activities, but knowing unconventional skills, like unlocking doors, can be handy during emergencies. Getting locked out of your car or house is never a pleasant experience, so being prepared with simple tricks like this can make a significant difference. Next time you find yourself in a tight spot, consider this DIY method – because sometimes, a little creativity can save the day. After all, laughter is the best response to those shared moments of forgetfulness.

image source : meta spoon