Here’s Why You Should Eat Those Overripe Bananas


Bananas can easily go ripe, after buying them, they quickly get soft and covered in dark spots. Most of us freeze their ripe bananas for smoothies or banana bread, or throw them away because they seem like they’ve gone bad. Many people can’t eat bananas when they get too soft and spotty. But you should never throw away your bananas even if they go overripe! Eating overripe bananas can offer you many health benefits.

This Japanese study has revealed that ripe bananas with dark patches on their skin produce a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), and it has the ability to fight abnormal cells. When a banana goes ripe, its antioxidant properties increase. These antioxidants boost the immune system, protect our bodies from heart disease, and decrease the risk of developing many types of cancer.


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