Here’s Why You should Hang Bags Full of Water in Your Porch


We’ve all encountered those curious plastic bags filled with water hanging in doorways or on patios. It’s a sight that can leave you scratching your head, wondering about its purpose. While some might dismiss it as an odd form of decor, these water-filled bags serve a more significant purpose than mere aesthetics. In fact, they are a natural and chemical-free solution to keep pesky flies at bay. In this article, we will explore the science behind this age-old technique and how you can use it effectively to create a fly-free zone around your home.

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People often fill gallon-sized plastic bags with water and strategically place them near outdoor dining areas to deter flies without resorting to harmful chemicals. Others go a step further by hanging multiple bags in various locations around their homes, all with one purpose in mind – to keep flies at a distance.

The logic behind this method is surprisingly simple yet effective. Flies perceive the water-filled bag as a potential threat due to the constantly moving water inside. It creates a distorted reflection that tricks them into believing a dangerous predator lurks nearby, prompting them to flee in fear of their lives. For optimal results, fill the bag to about two-thirds full and gently tap it to create the desired effect. Some even take it a step further by placing a few coins within the bag to enhance the illusion.


In a world where we increasingly seek eco-friendly and chemical-free solutions, the practice of hanging water-filled bags to repel flies embodies a natural and innovative approach. It not only adds a touch of intrigue to your outdoor spaces but also helps maintain a fly-free environment, all without resorting to potentially harmful substances. The next time you spot a bag of water hanging on a porch or in a doorway, you’ll know it’s not just an odd decoration but a smart and sustainable way to keep those annoying flies at bay. Give it a try and experience the remarkable effectiveness of this age-old method for yourself.

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