Here’s why you should try to attract beneficial insects


When it comes to gardening, beneficial insects are very important when it comes to reducing and controlling the population of detrimental ones, not to mention their importance when it comes to flower pollination. Beneficial insects are key elements when it comes to healthy soil and providing a good planting area for your flowers. That is why the more good insects you have the more your garden thrives. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should try to attract beneficial insects.

1. You will understand more things about nature

When it comes to understanding nature, there a lot of things that we have no idea about, insects happen to be one of those things that we understand very little about. Most of us hate insects in general because we simply have no idea of what they are capable of (when you look at mosquitoes, flies, spiders, etc, you can understand where those fears come from). We have no idea about their desires and purposes, but when you start attracting beneficial insects, you will start noticing some patterns that can make some things clear, at the same time your fear and anxiety towards will start fading out, and you will see in them some kind of beauty and charm.

2. Beneficial insects need attention

Butterflies, ladybugs, moths, and solitary bees are garden pollinators that do not live a social life at all because they do not live in colonies, but, they still need dry and warm spaces to build nests and hibernate over the winter. Insects like bees are super important to sustain life on earth (basically if bees go extinct, the world as we know it will change drastically, in a very bad way) and their population started decreasing these last few years, that is why attracting them and providing the necessary care is not only important to your garden but the entire world as well.

3. Loss of natural habitat

The rural expansion was not free of charge, it destroyed the natural habitats of many creatures including insects because they too have lost hibernating and nesting areas. This drastic and unfortunate outcome will hurt us in the long term. Providing spaces where beneficial insects can build nests and hibernate is very important because your garden will thrive and you will maintain bugs’ lives that are so precious and important to sustain life on earth.