How do you bring even the most dilapidated orchid back to life?


Maybe I don’t have a green thumb, but I feel like orchids are the most difficult plants to keep alive. Although orchids usually only bloom once a year (and can stay in bloom for several months), I can never get them to bloom again after that. If you’ve had similar experiences with growing orchids, fear not – there is a way to make even the most listless orchids bloom again

According to Newsner, to get your orchid to bloom again, you must first pull it out of the ground (or what’s left of it). Rinse the soil residue from the roots, then place the orchid in a large, clear vase filled with water. Once the roots are in the water, place the vase near the sun so that the plant receives light.

After two or three weeks, your orchid should begin to bloom again. It is also important to remember that orchids do not need much water. In winter, you only need to water them once a week or so. In the summer, or when the weather gets hot and dry, you can water the orchid twice a week. Orchids can roast in direct sunlight, but insufficient sunlight will not allow the plant to bloom. For these reasons, keep your orchid in an area with moderate sunlight.

source: My Garden Life /

If you’re about ready to give up on your orchid, don’t! This hack is so simple that it’s definitely worth a try. And orchids are so beautiful, sometimes they just deserve a little bit more love and patience!