How to clean a vacuum cleaner


A good cleaning will make it more efficient and effective to use.

When cleaning your vacuum cleaner or other appliance, it’s a good idea to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid doing anything unnecessary. Even if you got rid of them years ago, you can still find instructions and user manuals by searching online.

Today, we will focus on cleaning stick vacuums with canisters (as opposed to those that use bags or robots). The basic steps are as follows.

  • Turn off the vacuum cleaner (unplug it, remove the battery pack, etc.).
  • Empty the canister and wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Remove attachments (including extensions, such as sticks and hoses).
  • Use scissors to cut off hairs, threads and attachments with small bristles that are tangled in the rotating brush.
  • Use a household brush, an old comb or tweezers to remove hair and fibers that have become entangled in other attachments.
  • Remove and empty the vacuum cleaner’s lint trap or reusable filter.
  • Disassemble the vacuum cleaner and remove everything from the motor section (if it is not already there).
  • Fill the tub or basin with warm, soapy water (dishwashing detergent is fine) and wash each part of the vacuum cleaner (not the motor or any electrical parts), using a sponge, brush or other cleaning tool if necessary.
  • Rinse each part with clean, warm water.
  • Leave the vacuum cleaner parts on a towel for a few hours, or as long as they are completely dry naturally.
  • Wipe the outside of the vacuum cleaner, maybe even dirty it while cleaning the inside.

Then assemble your vacuum cleaner and be amazed at how well it works.

What essentials do I need to clean my vacuum cleaner?

Before you start cleaning your vacuum cleaner, gather the following supplies

  • If your vacuum cleaner uses a new bag
  • A new filter if your vacuum cleaner uses disposable filters
  • Scissors or a cutting knife for cutting brush roll hairs
  • Compressed air for dust removal
  • Hose cleaners to reach hard to clean areas
  • A cloth to wipe down the vacuum cleaner
  • Spray cleaner or dish detergent
  • Broom handle for unclogging hoses
  • Gloves to keep hands clean
  • Wearing a mask to avoid breathing in dust

How do I clean the vacuum cleaner?

Empty the bag or canister. Cleaning a vacuum cleaner starts with emptying the bag or canister. Never overfill a vacuum cleaner bag or canister with waste, as this can cause the vacuum cleaner to clog and the waste to end up back in the room. If you are using a vacuum cleaner without a bag, make it a habit to empty it after each use. If you are using a vacuum cleaner with a bag, empty the bag before it is full. If the suction power of the vacuum cleaner decreases, this is an indication that the bag needs to be emptied.

Clean the filter. If the vacuum cleaner’s filter is disposable, replace it as is. If it is reusable, usually rinse it gently with cold water, but check the instructions first. Let it dry. Your vacuum cleaner will have several filters, including one that cleans the air before it reaches the motor and one that filters exhaust air.

Clean the roller brush. Check the brushes on the head of the vacuum cleaner for tangled debris, such as hair or string. Use scissors or a knife to cut off stubborn tangles.

Check for clogs. Straighten the vacuum cleaner hose and gently push it into the broom handle to clear the clog. Do not use sharp objects at this point, as they may puncture the hose. You should also check the delivery section of the vacuum cleaner, such as the area where the vacuum cleaner head sucks in debris, and the area between the vacuum cleaner rod and the dust bin to make sure they are not clogged. Use compressed air or a duct cleaner to clean these areas.

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