How to Clean All the Parts of Your Oven Door


Embark on a magical journey as you discover the secret to a sparkling oven door – the portal to culinary wonders! Witness the enchantment unfold through the clear glass as pizzas bubble with cheesy goodness, quiches set perfectly, and cupcakes rise to sweet perfection. The oven door, a gateway to culinary delights, deserves a pristine view.

Granted, cleaning the oven door may not top the list of enjoyable tasks, but the rewards of a gleaming, clear glass are unparalleled. Life’s twists and turns might derail your plans for regular maintenance, but fear not! Whether it’s a quick outside clean or a deep dive between the panes, we’ve got the key to restoring the magic.

How to Enchant the Outside of Your Oven Door

What You’ll Need:

  • Enchantment Elixir (a.k.a. your favorite glass cleaner)
  • 2 Microfiber Magic Cloths


  1. Spritz the glass: Shower your oven door with the Enchantment Elixir generously.
  2. Wipe the glass: Summon your inner sorcerer, wielding a clean, dry cloth in circular motions to banish any grime.
  3. Buff the glass: With a second magical cloth, buff the glass to reveal its radiant sparkle.

For Stubborn Spells:

Try soapy water:

Infuse a bowl with Dawn dish soap, dip a cleaning cloth, and work your magic. Buff dry with a second cloth.

Employ a degreasing cleaner:

If resistance persists, liberally apply a degreasing potion, wiping it away with a microfiber wand.

Craft a baking soda paste:

Mix baking soda with water to create a paste, spreading it like magic. After a brief pause, wipe it away with a damp cloth.

For the Ultimate Battle:

  • Unleash a scraper: If gunk still lingers, fortify the baking soda paste and, with the gentleness of a wizard, scrape away the remnants.

How to Conjure a Crystal-Clear Inside

What You’ll Need:

  • Microfiber Magic Cloths
  • Mystic Dawn Dish Soap and Water
  • Degreasing Elixir (Optional: Easy Off or distilled white vinegar)
  • Baking Soda Potion and Water
  • Plastic Scraper or Razor Blade


Try soapy water:

Infuse a bowl with Dawn dish soap, dip a cleaning cloth, and perform your cleaning incantation. Buff dry with a second cloth.

Invoke a degreasing cleaner:

If the glass remains defiant, shower it with a degreasing elixir and wipe with a microfiber wand.

Craft a baking soda paste:

Mix baking soda with water to concoct a paste. Let it sit, then wipe away with a damp cloth.

Employ a scraper:

If the battle rages on, reinforce the baking soda paste and, with finesse, scrape away the lingering enchantments.

Note: It’s in your best interest to maintain the magic regularly. Wipe down the door after each culinary adventure, utilizing the warmth to your advantage.

Bonus Quest: The Forbidden Realm Between Glass Panels

Yes, greasy invaders may seep through the vent openings, disrupting your magical haven. Should you dare to embark on this quest, consult your oven’s ancient manuscript (manual) for guidance. Beware of online spells involving bottle brushes or wire hangers – they may worsen the streaks! To truly conquer this mission, dismantle the door and cleanse the inner glass with a concoction of warm, soapy water or a potent degreaser.

Unleash the magic within your oven door, and let the culinary adventures continue with a clear, gleaming view!

images source : the kitchn – Joe Lingeman/Kitchn