How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools


I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t done any cleaning for a long time. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that even my cleaning tools need cleaning now. Have you ever thought about how often should your cleaning tools be cleaned?

If you think about it, our cleaning tools are what clean our surfaces and household items, but they are also harboring and spreading germs. So what should you do? Here are some cleaning ideas for keeping your cleaning tools cleaner and more hygienic.


For wipe mops, splash the mop head in a pail with 1 cup heated water and 1 cup vinegar for 30 minutes. Permit to air-dry totally. Wipe mop heads ought to be totally supplanted each 2 to 3 months.

For cleaning microfiber mops, expel the head from your mop handle and toss in the clothes washer on the boiling water setting with mellow cleanser.


After each utilization take your sweeper outside and delicately strike against a tree or other enormous, stationary article, to evacuate free soil and trash. Then again, you can clean the fibers with your vacuum.

When a month place the sweeper in a basin of warm water and include a couple of drops of dish cleanser. Let douse for 60 minutes. Flush and dry totally before you set it away. Give the dustpan a wash in the warm, lathery water too.

For additional germ assurance, you may likewise need to consider assigning an alternate floor brush for each germy territory (the washroom, around pet beds, and so forth) and another sweeper for the kitchen.