How To Clean Your Microwave Using Only Vinegar


Here’s a situation: You go to nuke your tepid espresso, which you disregarded while you were strolling the canine/making the children’s lunch/looking on Instagram. You open your microwave entryway and —  eek! —it’s a chaotic situation in there. There are oil splatters, dried tomato sauce masses, and you’re not by any means sure what else. You need a perfect microwave, yet you likewise need hot espresso.

The uplifting news: You can have your microwave clean itself while you make the most of your morning treat! You simply need some vinegar and water and around 10 minutes and voila, clean-o. Tomorrow first thing You will acknowledge Today You!

Why Vinegar Is the Secret to a Clean Microwave

There are really a couple of various approaches to clean your microwave, yet vinegar is a simple (and modest) approach to take care of business with no real effort. The explanation vinegar works is on the grounds that it’s acidic. Truth be told, it’s so acidic — for you science nerds out there, refined white vinegar has a pH around 2.4. — it should be weakened with water.

Vinegar’s causticity permits it to handle a wide range of yucky wrecks, including paste buildup, cleanser rubbish, hard water stains, and whatever that splatter is within your microwave — particularly when joined with steam, which relax and slacken the gunk that appears as though it’s a lasting installation.

Prepared to get cleaning? Here’s the method

What You’ll Need

  1. Small microwave-safe bowl or cup
  2. Vinegar
  3. Wipe
  4. Clean, dry drying towel or cleaning cloth


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