How To Clean Your Sofa / Couch With Oxi Clean


In collaboration with POPSUGAR Select, OxiClean offers a transformative solution to revive your couch and prolong its lifespan. Whether it’s the spills of everyday life or the wear and tear from active family living, upholstery often bears the brunt of our daily activities. However, with the power of OxiClean, you can rejuvenate your furniture, bidding farewell to stubborn stains and restoring its original charm.

Understanding the Situation:

As parents navigating the challenges of maintaining pristine furniture amidst the chaos of family life, we made a strategic choice to invest in a gently used couch from Craigslist. Aware of the inevitable wear and tear, we sought solutions that embraced the washability of the covers and the effectiveness of OxiClean to combat persistent stains.

Ingredients for Success:

To embark on your upholstery revitalization journey, gather the following ingredients:
– 1 cup of water
– OxiClean scoop (to the “B” line)
– Funnel
– Spray bottle


1. Begin by preparing the OxiClean solution. Combine the appropriate amount of OxiClean powder with hot water, ensuring thorough dissolution.
2. Utilize a funnel to transfer the solution into a spray bottle, preventing spills and ensuring precise application.
3. Secure the nozzle and vigorously shake the bottle to ensure a homogenous mixture of the cleaning solution.

The Cleaning Process:

Follow these meticulous steps to effectively clean your upholstery:
1. Target stained areas with a gentle spray of the OxiClean solution, ensuring they are damp but not overly saturated.
2. Allow the potent solution to penetrate the stain for approximately 5 minutes, breaking down stubborn residue.
3. Employ a damp white cloth to delicately blot or wipe away the stain, commencing from the outer edges and progressing towards the center.
4. Complete the process by utilizing a dry white cloth to absorb any residual treatment and moisture from the fabric, leaving it refreshed and revitalized.

Witness the Transformation:

Observe with satisfaction as stubborn stains fade into oblivion, unveiling the renewed allure of your upholstery. The efficacy of the OxiClean solution endures for about 8 hours, enabling you to address multiple areas throughout your home during a single cleaning session.

Versatility and Effectiveness:

Our journey with OxiClean transcended upholstery care, extending to outdoor furniture cushions, set-in stains on clothing, and even delicate fabrics like white sweaters. Time and again, OxiClean proved its mettle with its versatile and potent formula, effortlessly lifting stains and restoring fabrics to their pristine state.

Waste Not, Want Not:

Embrace OxiClean’s sustainable ethos by repurposing any remaining cleaning solution in your next laundry cycle. This mindful approach minimizes waste and maximizes the utility of every drop, aligning with eco-conscious practices.


While the pursuit of dream couches may be aspirational for some, the reality of stained upholstery doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your home. With OxiClean, you can preserve and enhance the lifespan of your furniture, bidding adieu to unsightly stains and welcoming a renewed sense of freshness and vitality. Embrace the transformative power of cleanliness with OxiClean, and let your upholstery reclaim its rightful place as the centerpiece of your living space.

image source : home remediess easy