How To Easily Remove Limescale From Faucets

Running vintage faucet with hot water. Close-up view

If you’ve been reading articles from this website for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I talked about hard water and how to remove it from your glass shower doors and toilet bowl. It makes your space look like a mess regardless of how much you clean it. Hard water also causes some limescale buildup on faucets.

Some faucets are easy to remove limescale from, for example, you can easily remove the limescale from your sink faucet by unscrewing a part of its head and soaking it in vinegar. But some of them are hard to clean, like the bathtub faucet, and that’s the reason why I came up with this easy and simple hack for removing limescale. If you’re struggling to remove limescale from your faucets, check out these simple tips.

To begin you will require a plastic Ziploc bag, a cut, a microfiber material, and some vinegar. Pour around 1 cup to 1/2 cups of the vinegar in the plastic pack. Spot the Ziploc bag over the spigot head so it is covering the territory with the limescale. At that point, curve the highest point of the sack and join the clasp so it keeps the pack on the fixture. Ensure that the fixture head is as yet submerged in the vinegar. Set a clock for 20 minutes and let it splash.

Following 20 minutes is up returned and check the spigot head. My limescale develop was downright awful so 20 minutes expelled a few, yet not the entirety of the limescale. Wipe down the fixture head subsequent to checking it and afterward include the Ziploc bag back onto the spigot. Set a clock for another 10-20 minutes relying upon how a lot of buildups you despite everything have on the fixture.

After the clock has gone off evacuate the Ziploc bag and wipe down the spigot. The entirety of the limescale ought to be expelled from the fixture. Flush the spigot with some water to evacuate the entirety of the vinegar and you would now be able to clean the fixture as you ordinarily would.