How To Grow Hundreds Of Mandarins At Home


Mandarins are a great fruit for adding essential vitamins and minerals (like vitamin C, folate and potassium) and are a great way to get some natural sweetness during your day. You can also grow this citrus fruit at home. Whether you’re trying to save money in the grocery budget or just want to try your hand at gardening, this fruit is a fun option to try.

Read on to learn three ways to fight this fruit on your own.

1. Grow it in a pot: Mandarins do very well in hot, sunny weather. So, unless you live in a semi-tropical or tropical climate, you should plant your mandarin tree in a pot, choose a medium to large size pot (so that the roots have some space) and choose a sunny place for your plant. Mandarins thrive well on neutral soil. So remove excess peat from the roots before potting. For best results, opt for a sprouted tree instead of seeds (for better fruit production). Opt for dwarf versions of the tree if you choose to plant in a container.

2. In the backyard: if you are lucky enough to live in the right climate, you can grow your own tangerine in the backyard. As with planting tangerine in a pot, you should choose a young tree rather than a seed to start growing. Choose a sunny location and dig a hole a little larger than the root ball, according to Backyard Gardening.
Before planting, make sure the roots are loose (you may need to cut the wrap and / or use your fingers gently to loosen the roots of the ball slightly). Cover it with soil and water your tree regularly for a few months and more than a week after the precipitation.


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