How To Keep Frozen Bread Fresh For Longer


When I go shopping for food, bread is a unique little something that I always seem to buy a huge amount of. Thus, I frequently end up freezing big portions of bread and bundles of english biscuits. A lot of the time, when I go to defrost the bread, it tastes hard and stale. Also, there are scarcely any things more awful than hurling whole bundles of bread into the trash!

If you’ve had the same experiences with freezing bread, you’re going to need to think about this hack. It will keep your frozen bread fresh for more and guarantee that when you to go defrost it, the bread isn’t hard as stone.


Step 1: Within 24 hours (limit) of cutting into a portion, cut up the rest of the bread. (Try not to hold up until it’s now turned the corner; by then, your most logical option is allowing remains a second life as bread garnishes, breadcrumbs, or bread pudding.) Don’t simply put the bread in the cooler unsliced. Except if your kitchen is outfitted with a buzz saw, there’s no chance you will have the option to cut it without defrosting the whole portion first (trust us, we’ve tried).

Step 2: Line a rimmed preparing sheet with material or wax paper, mastermind the cuts in a single layer in addition, and put it in the cooler, revealed, until ice cold all the way through. (The material will forestall the stunning, sodden morsel of the bread from adhering to the dish, and the single layer will keep the cuts from freezing adhered to one another.)


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