How to keep your hands clean and protected while gardening

Gardening takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it. However, as any gardener can attest, it is not without its pitfalls. One of the disadvantages of gardening is the damage that activity can cause to your hands.

Gardening can wreak havoc on your hands, causing cracks, calluses, and awful nails. If the appearance of your hands is important to you, you can do many things to keep your hands beautiful while gardening.

Always wear gloves
We know this, it’s perhaps the least demanding approach to decrease hand-related cultivating. XO Jane prescribes picking a couple of tight-fitting gloves to wear when cultivating. For undertakings in which you need to have the option to feel the soil on your hands without really placing it in the earth, the site proposes wearing ragged gloves, for example, Atlas Nitrile Touch gloves. As indicated by eHow, cotton gloves are another thin glove alternative. On the off chance that you wear cotton gloves, know that water and soil can get in, so consider wearing a couple of careful gloves underneath, as prescribed by TipNut. To ensure gloves become a propensity, XoJane prescribes putting a couple of sets around your yard so you remember to wear them when working outside.
Prepare your hands before gardening
If you decide not to wear gloves, scrape a bar of soap to get shavings of soap under each nail. Then apply petroleum jelly on your cuticles and nails before gardening. The dirt will adhere to petrolatum and petrolatum. Once you have finished gardening, all you need to do is wash your hands to remove any dirt residue and rub your nails with a nail brush to remove soap chips. Goodbye to the dirt trapped under the fingernails. Tip Nut recommends protection from soap and oil even when wearing gloves.
Post-gardening care
Tip Nut recommends preparing an all-purpose scrub consisting of two tablespoons of oil and three tablespoons of sugar. Massage the scrub on your hands and rinse it off. This will help remove dirt stains on your hands.
Adopt a great hand hygiene routine
XO Jane recommends keeping your nails short and carefully cut at all times. Before showering, XoJane also recommends the use of a dry brush for hands and nails. Continue with good sanding with a pumice stone. Finally, cover your hands with a good ointment to keep moisture and keep your hands flexible. “Being a gardener is no excuse for weird hands!”
Check out the video below from HGTV for a few other great tips for hassle-free gardening.