How to make a homemade WASP trap


Everyone waits for summer to start doing fun activities outdoors like enjoying nature, hiking, swimming, and many more activities. However, summer starts getting bad once you start hearing buzzing noises coming from wasps. If you are allergic to wasps then this can bring troubles, that is why you should know how to make this DIY homemade wasp trap.

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People with wasp bites are a common sight during the summer. Things can get ugly if you find a wasp nest in your neighborhood and can be even worse if you find a wasp nest near your house because the insects are going to be around you 24/7. You should know that they can inhabit holes and crannies and can even form a nest in one, so keep that in mind.

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You can make a wasp trap at home to start reducing their population. You don’t need to buy one you can simply make one at home by following the following instructions.

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You need to get these things:

  • A used two-liter soda bottle
  • A Marker
  • A Knife
  • A piece of wire if you wish to hang the trap
  • Something with a sweet taste
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step 1:

Start by marking the soda bottle just below the taper. Make sure to make a clean and straight line that goes around the bottle. This can be difficult but you can use a string around the area that should be marked to get a straight line.

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Step 2:

You probably know that most of the insects including wasps absolutely love sweets, they just adore everything with a sweet taste. Make sure to grab any sweet foods you have like candy or sugar, any sweet thing can help. You can get creative, you can mix water with sugar, water with jam, honey, or anything that you want. Once you decided which sweet thing you want to put in the trap, make sure to add a little bit of vinegar to avoid attracting bees to the trap because vinegar keeps them away.

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Step 3:

Now the real work starts. Grab the knife and start cutting the bottle from the area that you marked. If you don’t want to use the knife because you are afraid, use a box cutter, it works perfectly and it is safer. When you are done, flip the top part of the bottle upside down to make a funnel, then put it on the other half to have a passageway towards the sweet trap you made.

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Step 4:

Now it is placement time. There is no rule here because every situation is different, the most important thing is to place the trap near the wasp’s nest or near the place where they usually hang out. Or, if you are out with your family in a lovely picnic, place the trap a little bit far away from where you are sitting to attract the wasps to the trap away from you. If the wasp’s nest is right next to your house, make sure to place the trap on a sturdy next to their nest, but be careful not to get bitten.

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Step 5:

If you don’t want to put the trap on something, then make a hunger by punching two holes that face each other on the bottle. Make the holes on the top and bottom parts of the trap to allow the wire to pierce cleanly. Once done, secure the wire ends, then hang it wherever you want.

And that is it, this trap is very easy to make and you can put it anywhere. Now you have to only worry about how to enjoy summer and not how to get rid of wasps.