How To Make A Self-Feeding Fire – Lasts For A Whopping 14 Hours


In my opinion, the best part about camping is having a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over. In fact, we love our evening campfires so much, we had a fire pit installed in our backyard. The only downside to backyard and campfires? You have to constantly get up and stoke them, or put more kindling and logs on pretty often.

source: Smithsonian / Flickr

Until now, that is! YouTuber and outdoorsman Bob Hansler created a “self-feeding” fire hack that allows a fire to burn for an astonishing 14 hours. When Bob first tried out the hack, he revealed that the fire burned for over 14 hours and even lasted through a downpour of 1 1/4 inches. Pretty impressive!

source: YouTube/Redfuel Bushcraft

Bob’s hack involves positioning two “ramps” which you then stack logs along. The idea behind this hack is that the ramps will self-load and self-feed the logs into the fire at the bottom as they each burn through. The construction of this contraption is fairly simple, and you don’t need any fancy tools or materials to complete it.

source: Instructables

Remember, you should always ensure that your fire area is away from trees, dry brush, or anything else that could catch fire and spread. You should also always be sure to have buckets of water or another reliable water source close by in case the fire were to ever get out of hand. and remember this helpful information the next time you’re camping or having a backyard fire!