How to Make a Simple Healing Plantain Salve For Burns, Bites, Eczema & More


Plantain is one of those mystical herbs that can be found anyplace. It’s used in numerous societies as a “mending herb” because of its astounding healing properties. Many people see this herb as a weed. It’s productive and will essentially develop anyplace. Try not to hurl it in the fertilizer right now! Collect the leaves to make an emergency treatment mending balm.

The most effective method to Identify Plantain

There are two assortments of plantain ordinarily found in the normal yard: Plantago major, or all the more usually known as broadleaf and Plantago lanceolata, otherwise called narrowleaf. I have for the most part narrowleaf in my yard. Truth be told, I have patches of it developing in my nursery. I simply leave it and reap from it when I need it. The two assortments have a few leaves which encompass the blossoms and the stem at the base like bloom petals.

Keep in mind, when collecting plantain, ensure you are gathering them from a territory not treated with synthetic substances.


  • A bunch of Plantain leaves (washed and dried)
  • 4 oz Coconut Oil
  • ½ oz Beeswax (pellets or shaved)
  • 8 oz Heatproof container (not appeared)
  • Pan (not appeared)


Add Plantain to the Jar

Tear the plantain leaves into little pieces and fill the container half full. Pack the leaves in there firmly.

Add Coconut Oil

Include the coconut oil top of the leaves. Put the container in a pot and top the skillet mostly off the container with water. Set the warmth on a low stew and let the oil imbue for around two hours.


After the oil mixes for two or three hours, strain out the plantain leaves. The oil will be a truly light green.

Add the beeswax

Add the beeswax to the mixed oil and set in back into the pot until the beeswax softens. The beeswax will help keep the treatment firm at room temperature.

Fill Jars or Tins

Empty the oil blend into tins or containers—my clump made 6 oz. Let them to cool. It will wind up obscure as it cools.

Add it to Your First Aid Kit

Utilize the treatment on minor cuts and consumes. The coconut oil and beeswax will help keep the skin sodden and the plantain will advance mending. The ointment is likewise incredible for recuperating dried out hands and burned from the sun’s skin. Utilize the balm on your pets as well! It’s extraordinary on sore paws.

Plantain is likewise incredible for honey bee and wasp stings, mosquito nibbles, poison ivy, skin inflammation, psoriasis, and diaper rash.