How To Make All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Using A Mason Jar


Mosquitoes are my sworn enemy. For some reason, they have been particularly attracted to me throughout my life. The people around me don’t seem to be bothered, and I am absolutely alone in being harassed. Bug sprays and lemongrass candles work to some extent, but I don’t like to apply these harsh chemicals to my skin and inhale them into the air.

source: Shutterstock

Fortunately, there are totally natural and safe alternatives that we can use to keep mosquitoes away. Claire from the A Little Claireification blog has created a natural solution, housed in masonry jars, that repels outdoor pests without using harsh chemicals. What’s more, they’re quite beautiful!

source: A Little Claireification

Clear mixes water, essential oils, rosemary, lemon and lime in a masonry jar. Cover each one with a candlestick candle which, once lit, diffuses its fragrance into the air. Although this smell may be pleasant to us, mosquitoes and other pests do not appreciate it. So you can hang out in your outdoor spaces without being assaulted by biting mosquitoes.