How To Properly Clean A Yeti Cup


Two or three years ago, my husband got back home from a work gathering with an extremely pleasant Yeti tumbler. He didn’t generally use it that much so I immediately began using it to take water in with me around evening time. If I wake up in the center of the night I frequently need some water and I adored how the Yeti kept it decent and cool.

Originally when we got the Yeti cup it said to hand wash as it were. I have since heard that a portion of the tumblers is dishwasher safe, however, I want to hand wash mine more often than not. If you hand wash your Yeti cup but need to get it totally clean of stains and form look at these simple tips on the most proficient method to clean a Yeti cup.

To begin, you will need to expel your cover and set it to the side. Include a 1/2 cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap to the Yeti cup. Then top it off the remainder of the route with high temp water and let it splash.

While the cup is splashing expel the o ring from the top. If you have issues isolating the ring from the side of the top, you can use a spoon or a fork to get in there and pull it off.

In my opinion, this is perhaps the dirtiest piece of the Yeti cup. The ring can without much of a stretch snare fluid in it and cause the form to develop. You can perceive how net the o ring is underneath.

To clean the cover and the ring I like to make up a glue of baking soda and dish soap. It ought to be about the consistency of toothpaste. The dish cleanser will help clean it and the heating soft drink truly helps scour away any gunk or grime.

Use the paste to scrub around the top where the o ring goes. Then use the paste to clean the ring itself. If your o ring is truly grimy, you can use a q-tip alongside the glue to help get all the shape or grime out.

When you have all the gunk expelled from it flush them two off and spread them out to dry.