How To Properly Freeze Cookies


When I start my Christmas preparing each year, I generally go way overboard. Along these lines, I always end up freezing different compartments of cookies. When I go to defrost and eat them, they never taste the same. If you’ve experienced a comparable issue with your treats previously, we’re going to enable you to out.

The most important step in freezing cookies the right way is to let them totally cool. Whether they’re only the smallest piece warm when you go to place them in the compartment, they can make buildup structure. Also, the buildup isn’t something you need ruining your tasty cookies!

When your cookies are cool to the touch, they’re fit to be put away in a sealed shut holder. However, to guarantee your treats don’t go stale or get cooler to consume, you should isolate the layers with bits of material paper. If you don’t have material paper, aluminum foil additionally works.


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